Ryan Pace talks up Andy Dalton

Bears General Manager Ryan Pace is standing strongly behind his recently signed quarterback Andy Dalton, saying Dalton is definitely Chicago’s starter and has all the credentials the Bears need.

“Obviously, his experience,” Pace said in extolling Dalton’s virtues, via Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network. “He’s a nine-year starter. He’s been to three Pro Bowls.”

It’s true that Dalton has been to three Pro Bowls, but Pro Bowls aren’t necessarily a great indication of a player’s quality, and Dalton is years past his last Pro Bowl. In fact, Mitchell Trubisky, the quarterback the Bears are moving on from, has been to a Pro Bowl more recently than Dalton has.

But Pace insists that Dalton is the man to improve the Bears after back-to-back 8-8 seasons.

“He’s one of the more complete quarterbacks that we evaluated this year in free agency and we’re excited to have him,” Pace said. “We feel like we’ve gotten better with Andy.”

If the Bears don’t get better with Andy, it will probably be another G.M. who chooses their next starting quarterback.

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