Solid Information About Baseball Which Is Easy To Understand

Are you someone who enjoys baseball? Is there anything that pleases you more than going to the ballpark and watching a game of baseball? Do you need tips to help improve your game? Whatever you want to learn about the sport, this article can be very informative. A coach knows that happy players are good […]


U.S. Supreme Court weighs TransUnion bid to nix ‘terrorist list’ lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday signaled it could narrow the scope of a class action lawsuit against TransUnion in which thousands of people sought damages after the credit reporting company flagged their names as matching those on a government list of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers. The justices heard arguments in TransUnion’s appeal of […]


Seagate has shipped three zettabytes of storage since being founded

Seagate has announced that since being founded in 1979, it has shipped three zettabytes of hard drive storage capacity—the first data storage company to reach the milestone. Illustrating drive technology’s progression is the fact Seagate took 36 years to ship 1 zettabyte in total, then less than four years to hit 2 zettabytes, followed by […]


Chiefs proposed expansion of single digits to make more numbers available

The proposal by the Chiefs to allow running backs, receivers, tight ends, linebackers, and defensive backs to wear single-digit numbers was not stylistic but practical. Per a source with knowledge of the specific terms of the proposal, the Chiefs have made this suggestion in order to ensure that there will be enough jersey numbers available […]


Physical therapy visit for knee injury was first step toward his quadruple bypass

James “Pete” Watt walked into a physical therapy appointment in April 2018 feeling unusually lightheaded and anxious. “I just felt off,” he said. The therapist took his blood pressure reading. It was dangerously high—200/100. “You’re not going anywhere until someone comes to get you,” she told him. Pete, who lives in Lake Stevens, Washington, called […]


Spotify buys Locker Room app’s maker Betty Labs in live audio push

Spotify Inc said on Tuesday it has purchased Betty Labs, the company behind sports-focused social audio app Locker Room, to accelerate its move into live audio. The music-streaming service said in the coming months it would “evolve and expand” Locker Room to offer sports, music, and cultural programming as well as live discussions with professional […]